Shoji Kawahito

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Professor, Dr. Eng.

Imaging Devices Laboratory

Research Institute of Electronics

Shizuoka University

3-5-1, Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, 432-8011, Japan

Phone:+81-53-478-1313, Fax:+81-53-412-5481

e-mail address: eaSK

l  Professional Career:

1988             Received Dr. Eng. Degree from Tohoku University

1988             Research Associate, Tohoku University

1989-1999     Research Associate, Lecturer and Associate Professor,

Toyohashi University of Technology

1986-1987     Visiting Professor, ETH, Zurich

1999             Professor, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University

2006             Cofounder and CTO, Brookman Lab Inc. (Presently, Brookman Technology, Inc.)


l  Research Area FCMOS Sensors and Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits

(1) Integrated Smart Image Sensors (On-Sensor Image Compression, Adaptive Amp.)

(2) CMOS Advanced Image Sensors (High Sensitivity, Low Noise, Wide DR, High Speed)

(3) Devices for visualizing invisible information

(4) Mixed signal integrated circuits design (A/D, D/A Converter, Sensor interface circuits)

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l  Published papers: total of more than 200 papers (Journal List, Conference Proceedings List)


l  Awards:

1988 Outstanding Paper Award, IEEE ISMVL

1988 Inoue Award for Young Scientist, Inoue Foundation

1989 Special Feature Award, ASP-DAC

2005 Beatrice Winner Award for Editorial Excellence, IEEE ISSCC

2006 Monbu-Kagaku-Daijin Sho (Ministry of MEXT Award)

for industry-government-academia collaboration

2007 Funai Award, Society of Information and TV Engineers

2009 IEEE Fellow Award


Imaging Devices Laboratory  

Research Institute of Electronics  

Brookman Technology, Inc.