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All of these chips in this page are designed by Kawahito Laboratory and announced on international conferences.

No. Features Year Chip International Conf.
43 A 10.8ps-Time-Resolution 256x512 Image Sensor with 2-Tap True-CDS Lock-In Pixels for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging 2015
42 Single-Shot 200Mfps 5x3-Aperture Compressive CMOS Imager 2015
41 A 0.3mm-Resolution Time-of-Flight CMOS Range Imager with Column-Gating Clock-Skew Calibration 2014
No. Features Year Chip International Conf.
40 A 413x240-Pixel Sub-Centimeter Resolution Time-of-Flight CMOS Image Sensor with In-Pixel Background Canceling Using Lateral-Electric-Field Charge Modulators 2014
39 A 33Mpixel 120fps CMOS Image Sensor Using 12b Column-Parallel Pipelined Cyclic ADCs 2012
38 A Low-noise High-dynamic-range CMOS Imager with a 13-to-19b Variable-Resolution Column-Parallel Folding-Integration/Cyclic ADC 2011
37 A CMOS Image Sensor for 10Mb/s 70m-Range LED-Based Spatial Optical Communication 2010
36 A 2.7e- Temporal Noise 99.7% Shutter Efficiency 92dB Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with Dual Global Shutter Pixels 2010
35 A CMOS imager and 2-D light pulse receiver array for spatial optical communication 2009
34 A low-noise wide-dynamic range high-frame rate CMOS image sensor using single-ended cyclic ADCs 2009
33 TOF Range Image Sensor Using A Range-Shift Technique 2008
32 A 15b 30MSample/s 123mW Pipeline A/D Converter with Linearized Settling Error Correction of Non-Slewing Closed-Loop Amplifiers 2008
31 The First 14bit Column-Parallel Cyclic A/D Converter and a CMOS Image Sensor Using Thereof. 2008
No. Features Year Chip International Conf.
30 A High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor Integrating SIMD-type Column Parallel Image Compression Circuits 2007
29 A 14b Low-power Pipeline A/D Converter Using a Pre-charging Technique 2007
28 A 1.0V 30mW 10b 100MSample/s Pipeline A/D Converter Using Capacitance Coupling Techniques (Figure of Merit (FOM) = 0.73 pJ/conv. The highest level in the world!!) 2006
27 A 3500fps High-speed CMOS Image Sensor with 12b Column-Parallel Cyclic A/D Converters 2006
26 A CMOS TOF Range Image Sensor with Gates on Thick Oxide Structure 2005
25 A Cyclic A/D Converter with Pixel Noise and Column-wise Offset Canceling for CMOS Image Sensors 2005
24 A 160dB Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with Reduced-Offset 12-bit Column Parallel Cyclic ADCs 2005
23 A 10b-per-rotation smart magnetic rotary encoder integrating an angle calculator 2005
22 A 120dB DR CMOS image sensor with a multiple exposure burst readout method and a 12b column parallel cyclic ADC 2005
21 A CMOS Magnetic Sensor Arrays Using Native-Substrate MAGFETs for a Smart Rotary Encoder 2004
No. Features Year Chip International Conf.
20 A wide DR CMOS image sensorusing multiple resolution column parallel ADC 2004
19 A CMOS rotary encoder using magnetic sensor arrays 2003
18 A high-speed low-power parallel pipeline A/D converter 2003
17 A high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor using an adaptive-gain column amplifiers 2003
16 A binocular CMOS image sensor for high-speed 3-D imaging 2002
15 A high-speed (30MS/s) low-power(16mW) 10b ADC 2002
14 A high-speed image sensor for low-power motion-vector estimation 2000
13 wide-dynamic range CMOS image sensor with logarithmic response 1999
12 A high-sensitivity integrated digital fluxgate sensor 1999
11 A 2nd-order delta-sigma sensor interface for capacitive-type chemical sensors 1998
No. Features Year Chip International Conf.
10 A CMOS image sensor integrating low-power image compression circuits 1997
9 A delta-sigma interface chip for fluxgate magnetic sensors 1996
8 An integrated microfluxgate magnetic sensor 1996
7 A high-sensitivity microfluxgate magnetic sensor (Ver.2) 1995
6 A wave-parallel computing chip 1994
5 A two-dimensional silicon Hall element with micromaching 1993
4 A high-sensitivity microfluxgate magnetic sensor (Ver.1) 1993
3 A smart image sensor with current-mode parallel analog signal processing circuits 1991
2 A radix-2 Signed-Digit arithmetic IC chip using multiple-valued current-mode circuits 1989
1 The first multiplier LSI chip using multiple-valued current-mode circuits 1987